mercedes mimikry
mercedes mimikry
mercedes mimikry
mercedes mimikry
mercedes mimikry
mercedes mimikry
mercedes mimikry
mercedes mimikry
mercedes mimikry
mercedes mimikry
mercedes mimikry
mercedes mimikry

mimikry grafik & handwerk

mercedes mimikry

Angebotspreis€129.000,00 Regulärer Preis€149.000,00
Spare €20.000,00

Inkl. Steuern.


Basic Features

  • 5 days of complete autonomy in nature
  • craftsmanship in sustainable fine woods
  • professionally inspected second-hand vehicle in perfect condition
  • no plastic smells due to natural materials

Deluxe addons

+ refrigerator for raw food storage
+ barbell storage for starting strength training regimen
+ hurom juicer for fresh celery juice
+ mixer for raw milkshakes or fresh meat pate
+ complete Darkness in fresh air
+ and many more

Lieferzeit 10 - 14 Weeks

The Mercedes mimikry

a one-of-a-kind masterpiece

Sustainability is central to our production. We carefully select a second-hand vehicle in perfect condition for customization in our mimikry workshop. Using fine German forest wood, we craft a unique outdoor experience, allowing you to embrace nature and self-reliance far from civilization.

Basic without being basic

the basic version

Storage to Suit Every Need

With ample storage for clothing, provisions, and outdoor gear, it even features a practical section for damp or soiled wilderness attire. 

Uninterrupted Power for Days

The base Mercedes mimikry's power system is impressive, ensuring self-sufficiency for days. It charges while driving or via land power, also accommodating recharging of your devices.

Outdoor Culinary Convenience

Our kitchen setup prioritizes essentials: sleek faucet, water tanks, spacious refrigerator for fresh, high-quality raw food. It features an eco-friendly waste disposal system and an extendable table for your comfort.

Restful Sleep, Redefined

The fold-out Zirbenholz bed provides a serene and restful atmosphere, known for its ability to reduce stress and improve sleep quality due to its natural aromatic properties. 

Effortless Freshwater Replenishment

For personal hygiene, an outdoor shower, connected directly to the freshwater tank, ensures you can stay clean and refreshed. Filling the tank is straightforward with an external inlet and hose. 

Sneak into Luxury Retreats

The entry-level model offers both luxury and practicality, making it an ideal choice for nature enthusiasts while maintaining the ability to arrive discreetly at some of the world's finest 5-star hotels with the original exterior of the Mercedes Vito.


the deluxe version.

+ Wildlife-Proof Sleep

A custom, lockable metal mesh on the sliding door enables peaceful wilderness sleep, free from wildlife disturbances. It guarantees rest in pristine air. Closing the door and engaging specially designed window shades ensure 95% darkness during sunny hours while allowing fresh air to flow through open windows.

+ Raw nutrients on 4 wheels

Post-workout recovery starts with nutrition. Equipped with a Hurom juicer and a Bianco di Puro blender, you can prepare fresh celery juice or organic beef pate to rejuvenate. A retractable near-infrared light panel on the ceiling promotes muscle relaxation and skin health.

+ Starting Strength Unleashed

Specially designed storage space is dedicated to accommodating an array of training equipment, ensuring your body remains robust and strong. An Olympic barbell, weight plates, and a weight stand leave no desire unmet for a complete starting-strength training regimen.

+ Deluxe Adventure, Urban Discretion

In the Deluxe Mercedes mimikry, relish a unique outdoor training and self-optimization experience amidst nature's serenity, all while enjoying the luxurious comfort of a Mercedes Vito. Blend effortlessly into city life, avoiding unwanted attention in front of high-end boutiques, restaurants, or hotels.

"Residing in my Opel Mimikry has been a game-changer. I now relish daily encounters with nature, feeling relaxed, revitalized, healthier, and in peak shape!"

Lukas E.

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Handmade in Germany

alle produkte werden in Deutschland in Handarbeit gefertigt.

Wohnen, Küche & Bad

Zeitlose Möbel und gebrauchsgegenstände in Handwerklicher qualität.

Natürlich & Lokal

Wir legen besonderen Fokus auf natürliche, langlebige und lokale Materialien.